We’ve won an award! Best in Communication from SME Magazine

We are absolutely delighted to have won the best in communications award from SME Magazine

Our Managing Director, Amy spoke to SME News Magazine and said “The majority of our clients were already set up with the latest telephone systems and were used to having people working from home. As such, we simply supported them on any final changes they needed to make.”


We would like to thank our amazing clients and those who donated over the Easter period. Thanks to you all, we were able to help a charity that’s very close to all of our hearts at TinCan: Helping Hearts Outreach for the homeless and people in need Wolverhampton.

Taking the leap, before the big switch off: ISDN to SIP

You've probably heard about BT switching off all traditional phone lines in 2025. Why's this happening and what are the rewards? In this blog we answer questions that you want to know about taking the leap and switching from the legacy ISDN to SIP.

Highly Commended for Tin Can Comms at the Comms National Awards 2020

Oh, what a night, late October during the pandemic…

We’re delighted to announce that Tin Can Comms was named as one of the Highly Commended companies at this year’s Comms National Awards 2020, run by Comms Dealer.

Our work in supporting Russells Hall in the West Midlands was recognised in the Keeping Britain Moving (Reseller) category by a high-profile judging panel featuring some of the sector’s leading experts.

Tin Can delivers communications solution to Covid-19 patients at Russells Hall Hospital

Covid-19 patients at Russells Hall Hospital are now able to stay in touch with loved ones thanks to the swift action of three kind-hearted businesses.

Walsall-based Tin Can Comms Ltd responded to a tweet by Staff Nurse Sallyann Wright to help fill a ‘communications blackhole’ in the wards that was preventing patients from being able to call or message their family whilst undergoing initial treatment and assessment.

Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra Vs. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

With Samsung's new Flagship handset set to be released two weeks today on the 13th of March (a week earlier on the 6th in the US) it seemed fitting to give you all the final specs to really decide if you're happy with your current mobile phone.

Hold onto your seats, it's set to be a thrill ride. Whether you're a hardcore iOS fan or a seasoned Android lover, there is no denying who is winning the race when it comes to smartphone technology.

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Advancements in Recycling

There’s a Dutch start-up that’s making good headway in the way of cleaning up our oceans. They have been using a huge parachute to collect waste from the 80,00 tonne Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is an area of plastic waste three times the size of France. The Ocean Cleanup’s parachute has just concluded a six-week trial with good success.

What about something a little techier? Think a Roomba, but for vacuuming the oceans. There is a 2050 aim for ship-sized autonomous drones...

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Is the Green iPhone 11 Really That Green?

Keeping on the theme of technology and the impact on the environment with our last blog on recycling old tech and phones, we take a look at how credible Apple’s environmental iPhone 11 claims are.

Two new hues have been released alongside the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro...

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Recycling and the Future of Mobile Phones

Never before has recycling been easier. We have a variety of boxes, bags and bins in (almost) every home, so recycling things like paper, plastic, glass and garden waste comes as second nature. But what about old tech?

With the ever-growing list of available technology, our homes, offices and businesses are becoming a hub of devices...

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History of the Phone Box

If there’s one colour that is immediately recognised in Britain, it’s red. The London bus, post boxes and the one we’re talking about today, the telephone box. The most iconic design we still see today was by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott.

Succeeding the now, seldom seen K1 telephone box design would be Scott’s K2 cast iron design, which came about as a result of a Post Office...

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