Help your business survive and thrive with the TinCan Comms Cloud

The way we do business and communicate is changing. Small and medium businesses need to adapt with it. For those businesses with on-premises phone systems, adapting has been particularly challenging.

Many employees are forwarding their work numbers to their mobile devices. Some team members are receiving calls on the main business line but are unable to transfer.

Thank you! - Ukrainian Aid Appeal

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated towards our efforts to contribute towards the local Ukrainian Aid Centre.

To all of our clients, friends and members of the public, thank you!

Local businesses, schools and members of the public have donated essential supplies and equipment, to those affected greatly by the current conflict in Ukraine.

It's our 6th Birthday

This month marked the 6th Anniversary of TinCan Comms!

After working in the telecoms industry for almost a decade, our CEO Amy decided it was time to venture off into the big bad world of telecoms on our own and birthed TinCan the baby. After working in an industry for a prolonged period of time, you become to notice that certain business needs aren't always addressed and this is what spurred Amy on to start her own venture!

Better to be safe than sorry - How to check your VPN

What Is A VPN?

A ‘Virtual Private Network’ (VPN) keeps internet activity private, evade censorship / maintain net neutrality and utilise public Wi-Fi securely (e.g., avoid threats such as ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks). A VPN achieves this by diverting a user’s traffic via a remote server to replace their IP address while offering the user a secure, encrypted connection (like a secure tunnel) between the user’s device and the VPN service.

Home Working: Are you Prepared?

The future of work is no longer about where you are, it is about how quickly you can move and respond to changes. In the last few years, it has become abundantly clear that the future of work is remote.

But while businesses know that moving to remote work at least in some capacity is now crucial to retain and attract new talent, they also know that successfully transitioning to remote work can be incredibly challenging.

Looking for WiFi at your business premises? Here's 5 things to consider

5 Things that your business should know about WiFi.

Investing in a WiFi solution for your business can be complicated, but here’s 5 things that you should know to help you make the best decision for your business.

Look the Real Deal with a Virtual Landline

A Virtual Landline is a cloud-based telephone number that enables you to receive your calls on your existing mobile or landline number. You can choose between a UK Local (Geographical) or National Virtual Number.

Example of Local Virtual Landlines:
0207 London Number
0121 Birmingham Number
0161 Manchester Number

Example of National Virtual Landlines:
0800 Freephone Number
0333 Number

Simply the Best SIM only Deals

Small and medium-sized enterprises seeking low-cost mobile service should look for business SIM only deals! Many mobile plans include handsets and involve contracts that are up to two years long... Find out how SIM only plans can save money and provide employees with data, call and text service.

BT Pulling the Plug on ISDN... :/

Why Are BT pulling the plug on ISDN and PSTN?
The short answer is that they are old fashioned legacy technologies with maintenance fees and disadvantages.

PSTN is the traditional telephone line network which enables analogue voice data utilising copper lines. This technology is basically the same in principle and design as the early telephone networks of the late 1800’s! Yes, the 1800’s…

Home working and the Cloud - Can you work from anywhere?

There is a soaring demand for ‘telecoms’ businesses to accommodate home working in the UK: over 50% of workers were working from home as of February 2021*. Yes, the pandemic has been the prominent cause for this, but we can expect working from home to remain at large even after the pandemic.